Effective, compelling instructional design  •  Rapid user-centered process •  Game design and Game-Based Learning

Agile team leader and mate•  Love that critical feedback  •  Excellent active workshop facilitator 

Instructional Design

I identify and satisfies stakeholder needs by developing effective, innovative learning platforms, training programs, digital and non-digital games, curriculum, assessment, departments, programs, and schools. I move fluidly between studio, client, teacher, learner, learning environment, and research bases.

  • Led teams in developing project vision, proposal, resource coordination, and design
  • Leveraged UbD, PBL, GBL, blended, mobile, embodied, social learning
  • Agile UX teams, user models, wireframes, rapid prototype and test cycle, Rapid ID models (SAM, UbD, rapid ADDIE, etc.)
  • Strategic planning, company vision, juggle multiple projects, teams, deadlines
  • Facilitated transformative workshops, conference events
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum dev, CC, P21, SEL, NextGen, LMS, school tech integration

Speaking / Workshops

  • Scaling STEM, Durham, NC 2015 - Designing engaging learning and making spaces
  • NCDPI, Raleigh NC 2015 - What can games teach us about learning?
  • STEAM @ The Blue School 2013 Teaching for making
  • AIA EdgelessSchool 2013, NYC - Designing for learning in the digital age
  • East Coast Game Conference 2015, Raleigh, NC - Transforming education through game design
  • DML 2012, San Francisco - Classroom games and measures of student learning
  • NCTIES, Raleigh, NC 2015 - The Epic Win: Game-based learning and gamification in your classroom